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12th October, 2017
Young People Achieving Greatness #54
24th October, 2017
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Young People Achieving Greatness #53

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Chris J Suggs – Entrepreneur

In 2014, Chris realized crime rates, gun violence and education problems were on the rise in his hometown, Kinston, so he held a press conference at the local library and invited community officials, young people and the school administrators to hear a clear message: Kinston youth has a voice, too.

Thereafter, he founded the Kinston Teens, Inc., an organization dedicated to help provide youth in Kinston the opportunity to grow and learn through community service activities. Over 1300 kids have participated in Kinston Teens projects, which include street cleanups, voter registration drives, mentoring programs and a youth leadership summit.

Chris is also the co-founder and development director for Black Youth Network, which works to connect and empower young African American leaders and influencers who are making meaningful differences and contributions to society.

In 2016, he was a HALO Award Honoree, a recipient of the ‘Director’s Community Leadership Award (DCLA)’ and a member of the Obama’s Reach Higher Initiative’s Youth Advisory Board. Be inspired!

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