Young People Achieving Greatness #74
8th May, 2018
Young People Achieving Greatness #75
15th May, 2018
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The Mark of Greatness …

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The first test of a truly great person is in his humility. Really humble people have the attitude of service and a willingness to learn from everyone.


Once George Washington was riding near Washington city with a group of friends and they came to a place where they had to leap over a wall. In the process one horse knocked off a number of the stones from the wall. Washington said, “We better replace them.” His friends told, “Oh, let the farmer do it.”


But Washington didn’t feel right about that. When the riding party was over, he went back the way they came. He found the wall and dismounted. Then he carefully replaced each of the stones.


His riding companion saw what he did and said, “You’re too big to do that.” His only response was, “On the contrary, I am the right size.”

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