22nd June, 2017

Be Relentless!

A lecturer told guests the following story: There was once a boy whose father was a migrant horse trainer, moving from barn to barn and ranch […]
7th September, 2017

To Take a Risk or Not

Often, everything is a risk but doing nothing is a greater risk. Tom was visiting his mentor for his regular catch up. He was unsure about […]
17th October, 2017

Young People Achieving Greatness #53

Chris J Suggs – Entrepreneur In 2014, Chris realized crime rates, gun violence and education problems were on the rise in his hometown, Kinston, so he […]
9th November, 2017

Earn it!

Often, you appreciate or place value on the things you earned through hard work.   Once, a very lazy boy named Ben lived in a small […]
3rd May, 2018

Create Your Own Luck

Waiting for luck is not a good life plan. Be prepared, work hard and believe that your efforts will yield rewards. Winners make their own luck. […]
30th August, 2018

Find Where You Belong

Often, your strength, skills and knowledge are unusable if you are not in the right career, institution or environment where they are nurtured for growth.   […]