5th October, 2017

Stepping Into Purpose.

Nothing / no one is ever useless. All of God’s creations including you, have a purpose. Find your purpose and fulfill it. You are meant for […]
14th December, 2017

A Better World

To make the world a better place / improve on it, one needs to better himself and do better first .   Once, there lived a […]
22nd February, 2018

Why you Should Choose your Words Wisely

Words have influence. It can either inspire or destroy. You have the choice to either build people up with your words or destroy them with words. […]
15th March, 2018

In Your Weakness Lies Your Strength

Find the opportunity in your weakness. Often, our greatest weakness turns out to be our greatest strength.   A deer was drinking from a river and […]
20th March, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #67

Elijah Djan – Inventor At the age of 11, Elijah came up with the idea of making bricks from waste paper and using them to build […]
29th March, 2018

How To End The Day

Always end the day with a positive thought , no matter how bad the day was. Begin a fresh page each morning… The carpenter had just […]