25th July, 2017

Young People Achieving Greatness #41

Alfred Godwin Adjabeng – Entrepreneur Alfred is a young Ghanaian with a passion and vision to ensure that no child studies hungry on an empty stomach. […]
27th July, 2017

The Connectedness of Life

In our quest for greatness or success, one needs to remember that it is  connected with that of others we meet. Therefore if we are to […]
3rd August, 2017

The Power of Ideas

Often, you need a little bit of ‘crazy’ to do great things and history has proved this much. Have ‘crazy’ ideas, believe in them and carry […]
4th August, 2017

The Art of Conversation

If you have ever been in a room full of people, with their heads bowed, fingers busily tapping away on their phones to check in on […]
17th August, 2017

The Road Less Traveled

It is the rough roads which entails hard work, setbacks, failures, rejection, grit and determination with a will to succeed that leads to the height of […]
22nd August, 2017

Young People Achieving Greatness #45

Isaiah Cooper-  Pilot At the age of 5, Cooper began attending an aviation youth program at the Tomorrow’s Aeronautical Museum (TAM). At age 7, he was […]