14th September, 2017

Be Content

Decide to be happy and content in whatever state/circumstance you find yourself even as you strive for things you want. We must learn to maintain a […]
16th November, 2017

What’s Your Nature?

Often, relate with people according to your nature, no matter what others are like. Don’t ignore your good qualities because others are not deserving of your […]
21st December, 2017

The Importance of Helpers

Often, it is easy to downplay the fact that we have received help from many to get to wherever we are. Today, take the time to […]
22nd February, 2018

Why you Should Choose your Words Wisely

Words have influence. It can either inspire or destroy. You have the choice to either build people up with your words or destroy them with words. […]
13th September, 2018

Consistent Effort Pays

Just because you cannot see the good results of your efforts now does not mean that it bore no fruit or that it’s not worth it. […]
1st November, 2018

The Cost of Pride.

You can learn from anyone you meet at any time. You cannot learn a thing though if you are full of pride or a know it […]