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10th April, 2018
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17th April, 2018
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Dealing With The 10th Apple Effect .

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Often, gratitude creates room for you to receive more and brings satisfaction in all things.

A hunter once lost his way deep inside the jungle while chasing a deer. He used all his navigation skills but didn’t find a way out or food to either. After eight days of hunger, he found an apple tree. He collected a dozen apples to feed himself for the rest of his search.


As he ate the 1st apple, his joy knew no bounds and he just couldn’t stop feeling grateful and blessed. He could not believe his luck when he ate the 1st apple but he was less grateful while having the 2nd and subsequent apples. Somehow, with each passing apple, the hunger still kept on increasing and the joy kept on reducing drastically. He just could not enjoy the 10th apple.



The hunter represents us. And the apple represents the gifts that life gives us. The 10th apple represents our lack of gratitude for these gifts of life and our ‘take everything for granted’ attitude. As we continue receiving the gifts of life, our hunger, our greed keeps on increasing and the joy we get from these gifts diminishes.

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