15th November, 2018

Why Team Work Is Important.

Alone we can one cannot do so much but when people come together great things can be achieved. Teamwork can achieve great results.     A […]
13th November, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #96

Awah Ntseh – Entrepreneur.   Awah loves nature and has made it his core mission to harness the gifts of nature to solve challenges all around […]
8th November, 2018


What message or lesson can you glean from this story? Do share with us…     Once a man sold his well to a farmer. Next […]
6th November, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #95

Samaira Mehta – Computer Programmer   Samaira designed CoderBunnyz – a board game created out of her passion for coding and love for board games at […]
1st November, 2018

The Cost of Pride.

You can learn from anyone you meet at any time. You cannot learn a thing though if you are full of pride or a know it […]
31st October, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #94

Kareem Waris Olamilekan – Artist   Kareem is a young talented artist popularly known as Waspa art. He started drawing at age 6 but begun professional […]