6th July, 2017

Why You Need to Have a Positive Attitude

Be positive, be optimistic, these are some of the many encouraging words we hear all the time. Fact is, it can be quite daunting to stay […]
11th July, 2017

Young People Achieving Greatness #39

Brandon Iverson – Entrepreneur Brandon launched his first business with his close friend and business partner, Jordan Williams when they were 10years old. Kids Toys Inc. […]
14th July, 2017

How to Build Trust

Trust, this very simple word, is paramount to your greatness . Whether in relationship, business or friendship, building trust is necessary to succeed at whatever you […]
18th July, 2017

Young People Achieving Greatness #40

Keila Banks – Programmer Keila is a self-taught programmer, publisher, web designer and open source software enthusiast. She taught herself to code websites at 9years old […]
21st July, 2017

How to Cultivate the habit of Reading.

Almost all great people agree that self-education aided in achieving their greatness. Self-education is by continuous and lifelong learning which includes lots of reading. The importance […]
25th July, 2017

Young People Achieving Greatness #41

Alfred Godwin Adjabeng – Entrepreneur Alfred is a young Ghanaian with a passion and vision to ensure that no child studies hungry on an empty stomach. […]