17th July, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #82

Sam Kodo – Entrepreneur At age 7, Sam created his first robot from TV and other electronic scraps. His creation could avoid obstacles in its path […]
19th July, 2018

What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?   You witnessed a man rob a bank. You noticed that instead of keeping the money for himself, he donates it to […]
7th August, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #84

Brian Gitta- Engineer After missing lectures severally due to malaria infection, Brian and his friends decided to develop a malaria test device which can detect malaria […]
28th August, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #86

Adeeb Al Balushi – Inventor Adeeb is a young boy with the desire to help people and make their lives better. At age 9, he designed […]
30th August, 2018

Find Where You Belong

Often, your strength, skills and knowledge are unusable if you are not in the right career, institution or environment where they are nurtured for growth.   […]
4th September, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #87

Ophelia Swayne – Sports Woman Ophelia is a professional swimmer considered as Ghana’s fastest female swimmer in the 50m freestyle event, with a national female record […]