26th April, 2018

Do You Focus On The Good In Others?

Train yourself to focus on the good in others in spite of their deficiencies. If you can think and approach positively even in a negative situation, […]
1st May, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #73

Memory Banda – Activist At age 15, Memory was to be married but she refused. When her 11year old sister was married off, she became an […]
3rd May, 2018

Create Your Own Luck

Waiting for luck is not a good life plan. Be prepared, work hard and believe that your efforts will yield rewards. Winners make their own luck. […]
8th May, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #74

Barclay Paul Okari – Entrepreneur Barclay started his first company – Skype Science, at the age of 15. In 2011, he volunteered to teach at a […]
10th May, 2018

The Mark of Greatness …

The first test of a truly great person is in his humility. Really humble people have the attitude of service and a willingness to learn from […]
15th May, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #75

Essynce Moore – Author   At age 15, Essynce Moore is known as the only African American teen author whose books are mandatory readings for several […]