15th March, 2018

In Your Weakness Lies Your Strength

Find the opportunity in your weakness. Often, our greatest weakness turns out to be our greatest strength.   A deer was drinking from a river and […]
20th March, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #67

Elijah Djan – Inventor At the age of 11, Elijah came up with the idea of making bricks from waste paper and using them to build […]
23rd March, 2018

The Art Of Leadership

Often, leaders inspire others with their actions. Great leaders set out to make a difference by doing what they can with what they have.   A […]
27th March, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #68

Marley Dias – Social Activist. At age 11, Marley identified a problem – all the books she was given in school to read were about white […]
29th March, 2018

How To End The Day

Always end the day with a positive thought , no matter how bad the day was. Begin a fresh page each morning… The carpenter had just […]
4th April, 2018

Young People Achieving Greatness #69

Malachi Jones – Writer At age 17, Malachi has award winning collection of lyric essays and poems to his credit. His writings revolve around his experience […]