14th December, 2017

A Better World

To make the world a better place / improve on it, one needs to better himself and do better first .   Once, there lived a […]
12th December, 2017

Young People Achieving Greatness #61

Abeiku Gyekye Jackson – Olympic Swimmer   Abeiku has been swimming since the age of 3 and started competing at the age of 5. At age […]
7th December, 2017

Why You Should Go the Extra Mile

Go the extra mile to do what’s right. You can never be too sure how your actions affect others or where your rewards might come from. […]
5th December, 2017

Young People Achieving Greatness #60

Lily Ama Tugbah – Spelling Bee Champion.   Lily emerged a winner at the national spelling Bee competition at the age of 12. She beat 196 […]
28th November, 2017

Young People Achieving Greatness #59

Shubham Banerjee – Inventor Shubham found out that the cost of braille was very expensive for blind readers, he decided to develop low cost machines to […]
23rd November, 2017

The Champion in You

To be a leader is to believe in yourself and all that you are first, then inspire others with confidence in themselves as well to achieve […]